I joined the British Royal Navy at 16-years’ of age and left as an Officer 30-years’ later. I deployed all around the world on ships and submarines as well as a tour on the ground in Iraq. I also spent two tours of duty here in MD at Ft Meade working alongside my U.S. colleagues, so know the area very well too.

I’m in my second year of Real Estate now and my mantra is “Service, Honesty, Integrity and Hard Work” which has obviously come from years of military service.

I have decided to give back to all Uniformed Services whether active duty or retired. Any Uniformed service member past or present that conducts a real estate transaction using my services will receive a straight up 20% of my net commission check at closing. I will also be waiving the $495 flat fee for all uniformed service personal as a gesture of gratitude and understanding of what it means to serve.

All contracts entered into with any uniformed service personnel will have this written directly into the contract.

If you know of anyone that could benefit from superior service, honesty and integrity; as well as save a ton of money and work with someone with a “cool” accent then please share this post.

I look forward to serving you!

Kind regards,